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Korean red ginseng - The elixir for your hair

An invigorating agent

The market is filled with hair products promising the user of thick lustrous hair and Hair Regrowth. All these chemical-based substances have a Harsh impact on hair biology. Natural products are usually recommended as they have zero side effects. One of the best breakthroughs for hair loss treatment is using Korean red ginseng. This humble root is a traditional herb that has shown drastic effects in promoting hair growth.

What is Korean red ginseng? 

This is a perennial plant that grows widely in East Asia. It is biologically called Panax ginseng. It is used in treating various health issues including hair loss.

Red ginseng plays an integral part in Chinese and Korean medicine. It improves immunity and regulates hormones. It is also widely used in treating erectile dysfunction. They are used to enhance blood circulation in the scalp.

What does it contain?

  Ginsenosides and gintonin are two important Biological compounds present in Ginseng. These natural compounds complement one another to provide better health benefits.

The concentration of these chemical compounds and the medicinal benefits may vary. The American ginseng functions as a relaxing agent whereas the Korean red ginseng function as an invigorating agent. It improves the production of nitric oxide but improves muscle relaxation and enhances blood circulation.

How does it help in hair Regrowth?

Korean red ginseng is widely used in treating alopecia and hair loss. Studies have shown that red ginseng increases the number of
dermal papilla cells in the scalp and directly prevents natural cell death. 

This enhances blood flow to the scalp on a micro-level. Red ginseng directly nourishes the scalp and the hair roots by improving blood flow. As a result, it improves hair growth and density

Taste them:  Korean red ginseng is widely used in making tea, it is used along with ginger tea and is an important component in making soups in Korea.

Korean red ginseng curbs dandruff 

Dandruff is a major issue that affects the scalp directly impacting hair health. Korean red ginseng is rich in saponin and antibacterial properties. This directly reduces dandruff and prevents it from recurring. The antibacterial compounds help in protecting the scalp from pathogens and other microbial infections. Continuous use of Korean red ginseng helps your hair and the hair follicles to stay clean and dandruff-free.

Did you know: Korean red Gingseng is a fantastic stress buster. When you feel stressed, have Korean Red ginseng tea. This directly reduces the stress and puts you in a good mood.

Stops Hair fall and improves hair strength

Studies have shown that Korean red ginseng actively reduces hair fall and hair thinning. It improves blood circulation to the scalp and enhances hair strength. This provides the required hair nutrition and improves hair health.


Korean red ginseng is filled with components that help in hair Regrowth, reduces oxidative stress, and provides nutrition to the hair. It also helps in improving immunity and reduces inflammation in the scalp. This directly improves hair Regrowth at a faster rate. When compared to minoxidil, it has fantastic benefits with fewer side effects. 

Hurry up and avail the hair benefits of red ginseng today, for more hair-related queries call and book an appointment with the best hair and skin wellness experts at VCare.

VCare Hair Tonik is enriched with red Gingseng extracts and hair growth-enhancing properties. It's the only solution to revive your thick locks.

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