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A Step-By-Step Guide to Remove Dark Spots on the Face

A Step-By-Step Guide to Remove Dark Spots on the Face

  • By Admin admin post Dec 28, 2022
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Dark spots are adamant and tend to stay on the face for a long time. To remove dark spots on the face, follow this step-by-step guide and make the necessary change

Spotless radiant skin is everybody's dream. However, dark spots on the face may be worrisome. Though they are not medical emergencies, they attract our attention and can make a person self-conscious. This blog is a must-read if you want to remove dark spots on your face and body. Before we get into the details, let's brush up on some basics. 

What are Dark Spots?

As the name suggests, dark spots are small circular regions on the skin that are darker than the overall skin tone. It is also called hyperpigmentation and appears in the back, shoulders, chest, neck, and face. 

What Causes Dark Spots? 

Some reasons are hormonal changes, sun exposure, aging, and acne. In other cases, dark spots can also be caused due to inflammation. It is medically called post-inflammatory hyperpigmenion. It may occur due to cuts, bites, incorrect hair removal techniques, ingrown hair scars, and using harsh skin care products. Now let's see how to remove dark spots on the face! 


Step 1: Select a Proper Dark Spot Removal Face Wash

Most dark spot treatments are topical, and having the best dark spot removal face wash can help in fading them out. Your regular soap and face wash will not provide the adequate results. 

You can choose aloe vera gel-based black spot removal face wash. Aloe vera is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It will help to remove dark spots on your face. 

You can also choose a face wash with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antivirus and antiseptic properties, it heals and prevents blemishes and lightens dark spots. You can also mix tea tree oil with an essential carrier oil and apply directly on the skin overnight and rinse it off the next day.

These vcare dark wonders to reduce dark spots. One can also choose black spot removal face washes having Kojic acid, Retinoids, Vitamin C, and azelaic acid. Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day using face washes. 

Note: For acne-induced dark spots, use Neem-based face wash. It will reduce bacterial infection caused due to acne and can prevent dark spots. 


Step 2: Select a Proper Pigmentation Removal Face Cream

Choosing the best face cream for dark spots and pigmentation marks is crucial in getting spot-free skin. Hydroquinone-based pigmentation removal face creams are very effective. It can inhibit the production of melanin. Some studies indicate that it can irritate when used in higher quantities. 

Another option is to choose Songyi mushroom-based pigmentation removal face creams. Songyi mushroom extracts help in breaking down melanin and promoting skin complexion. Eventually, it will fade out all the dark spots.

Highly recommended: You can use VCare skin whitening cream. It has Glabridin 40 and Songyi mushroom extracts that can help to remove dark spots on the face.


Step 3: Don't Step out Without Sunscreen

The harmful UV rays from the sun are also a reason for  hyperpigmentation and dark spots. So it is mandatory to use an effective sunscreen to stop excessive hyperpigmentation.

It is crucial to add sunscreen to your daily routine. Irrespective of the skin tone, proper sunscreen can protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Make sure to choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

The first two steps can help to remove dark spots on the face, whereas the third step will prevent further occurrence of dark spots.

Diet tip: Increase your Vitamin C intake. Have oranges, lemons, gooseberries, and guava in your diet. It will rejuvenate your skin from the inside. It will also promote skin tone and overall skin complexion. 


Having a proper skincare routine is the best way to maintain your skin health and reduce dark spots. In most cases, dark spots and hyperpigmentation will fade with time. However, using the tips discussed above, you can safely remove dark spots from your face. You can choose from our range of skin products, just click here

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