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SHIKAKAI – The  Panacea for Hair

SHIKAKAI – The Panacea for Hair

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Most of the Indian households have Shikakai powder and is considered to be auspicious

Shikakai is a traditional herb that is used for cleansing hair. Commonly it is called " hair fruit ". Most of the Indian households have Shikakai powder and is considered to be auspicious. This is used as a natural hair wash.

 This hair fruit is used for improving hair growth, reducing hair fall, and controlling dandruff. shikakai is also used for relieving skin ailments. This helps in strengthening the hair from the root and maintains the health of the scalp.

 According to Ayurveda the shikakai is said to possess tika rasa that means bitter taste and has the tendency to cool down the body. It is also very light to digest. It is the best herb for our hair. 


Shikakai is filled with nutrition. It is abundant in vitamins and minerals. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It is packed with antioxidants and also has traces of glucose, arabinose, oxalic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, and tartaric acid.

Traditional benefits of Shikakai for hair fall

Washing your hair with Shikakai has a nourishing effect on your hair and makes it lustrous and soft. It enhances the texture of the hair in cold seasons and acts as a natural surfactant. Cleansing your scalp with this natural hair wash powder cleans the hair follicles, removes excess oil, greasiness and leaves back a clear scalp. 

 If you are suffering from dandruff or hair lies use Shikakai twice a week. The antimicrobial, anti-dandruff and antifungal properties of Shikakai helps in removing dandruff and lice from the scalp. It is strong enough to battle dandruff and light enough to retain the essential oils in your scalp. This prevents drying the scalp. Studies have also shown that washing your hair with Shikakai cools down your body.

Try this: Take raw Shikakai pods and soak them overnight with a few 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds. The next morning grind them up into a fine paste and use them to wash your hair

 Add’s hair volume

Having strong and thick hair is a dream for everyone. This dream can be made a reality by using Shikakai. It helps in preventing split ends, hair fall and strengthens the hair from the root. You can also add Hibiscus leaves along with Shikakai and grind them to a paste, apply it as a mask for your hair, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. Regular usage of Shikakai results in strong and thick hair. Shikakai is also used in the treatment of alopecia.

Helps in treating premature greying


These humble pods not only prevent premature graying but also helps in retaining the youthfulness of black hair. Making a pack out of Shikakai powder and soap nut on your hair once a week helps in restoring its health benefits. It provides deep  conditioning and provides nourishment for your hair from root to tip. This slows down greying of your hair. Studies have proven that using shikakai powder will reduce hair breakage.

 Did you know mixing Shikakai in water and using it as a mouthwash and gargling it regularly helps in relieving tooth and gum inflammation?

 Shikakai for healthy skin

Apart from being a boon for the hair Shikakai is also a blessing for the skin. Applying Shikakai paste on the skin helps in removing dead cells and rejuvenating the skin with its antioxidant properties and Minerals. It is also used in treating scabies, leprosy, and other skin infections. Studies have shown that continuous use of Shikakai helps in reducing aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.

Mix 2 tablespoons of Shikakai powder with Almond powder, honey, and turmeric, apply it on your face, and use it as a Scrub for alternative days, this helps in attaining glowing younger-looking skin.

 Treating jaundice

Shikakai is used in treating jaundice and functions as a liver stimulant and normalizes bile secretion. Wash and clean few Shikakai leaves and grind them into a chutney, add 3 tablespoons of black pepper and one tablespoon of tamarind pulp and salt as per taste. Eating this helps in preventing jaundice.

 Relives constipation

Shikakai pods are beneficial in treating constipation. They relieve indigestion and abdominal cramps and improve the assimilation of food. This also helps in the movement of feces through the body. Immerse the de-seeded shikakai pods in water overnight and drink the water regularly.

Thinking of how to get the shikakai pods? Or how to powder them?


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VCare herbal hair wash and conditioner contains up to 12 herbs mixed with Shikakai powder that nourishes your hair deeply. 

This helps in enhancing your hair growth and restore its natural glow. 

You can also buy VCare shikakai paste which works wonders for your hair.

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