Songyi Mushroom - The magic mushroom from Japan.

Songyi Mushroom - The magic mushroom from Japan.

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Edible fungus packed with nutrients

Mushrooms are eaten all over the world.  Asian and Chinese cuisine graciously use mushrooms. They are rich in nutrients like zinc, Phosphorus, and Calcium. 

Apart from adding taste to the cuisine, Mushrooms have wonderful health benefits. This edible fungus is packed with nutrients that help in benefiting the skin. These songyi mushrooms are native to Japan. In Japanese culture, mushrooms play a crucial role in both food and treatment.

 Songyi mushrooms skin whitening benefits

 The songyi mushrooms are packed with kojic acid. This helps in removing the dead cells and exfoliates the skin. Songyi mushrooms reveal the bright and natural complexion of the skin. These mushrooms act as herbal skin whitening agents. They drastically reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This has been widely used for skin lightening in Japan, Korea, and China for more than a century.

 Songyi mushroom also helps to even out suntan and dark spots. When compared to other harmful chemical-based exfoliating agents songyi mushroom extracts are much safer.


Treats oily skin

If you are suffering from oily skin, songyi mushrooms are the best choice. 

It has astringent properties which directly reduces the excess oil in the skin without dehydrating. 

This reduces the pore size in the skin and eliminates acne. 

Use songyi mushroom as a facial scrub twice a week to enjoy the benefits. 


Best Anti-aging agent

Songyi mushrooms are the best anti-aging agents. It is power-packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C and Selenium. This drastically fights free radicals and oxidation stress on our skin. Using songyi mushrooms frequently helps in keeping the signs of aging away.


Hydrating properties

 These mushrooms have amazing hydrating properties. They help in drawing the water and fixing it onto the skin, Keeping It free from fine lines and wrinkles. The mushroom particles are much smaller in size and have a greater penetrative effect. They easily outdo the chemical-based moisturizer.


Calms irritated skin

If your skin is very sensitive and gets irritated very easily, songyi mushroom is the one-stop solution. This reduces the redness and soothes irritated skin.

It has high vitamin D content and antioxidants that battle the symptoms of skin irritation

They reduce the breakouts and improve the healing capacity of your body. This calms the skin and moisturizes it. Songyi mushroom directly promotes cell growth and lightens your skin.


On The base note, songyi mushrooms are very much effective in various sectors of skin management. They hydrate your skin and exfoliate efficiently. Using songyi mushrooms helps in reducing the aging signs like wrinkles and dark patches. This enhances the natural defense and reduces pore size. songyi mushrooms effectively treat skin sagging.

Get VCare songyimushroom whitening facial kit which is extremely effective in hydrating your skin. This facial kit is provided with a cleanser, Scrub, cream, pack, and serum. They rejuvenate your skin from the base.

VCare skin whitening soap is also enriched with  Songyi Mushroom extracts, this gently nourishes your skin and improves the complexion.

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