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 5 Milk Shampoo- A Single Cure For All Your Hair Problems

VCare’s 5 Milk Shampoo is a deliciously creamy and nourishing blend, mixed with Coconut milk, Rice milk, Goat milk, Almond milk and Oats milk. It helps to strengthen and hydrate your hair, leaving it scented, super soft and glowing.

Key Features

Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, Goat Milk, Almond Milk & Oats Milk.


  •     Leaves your hair soft and smooth
  •     Reduce Hair-fall
  •     Nourishes hair from root to tip

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk comes from the white flesh of mature brown coconuts, which are the fruit of the coconut tree. The milk has a thick balance and a rich, creamy texture.

  • Repairs Damage
  • Reduces Tangles

Rice Milk

Rice Milk improves the health of your hair. It also enhances blood circulation in your body, aids cell growth, and keeps your hair looking shine and fine.

  • Eliminates Dandruff & Flakes
  • Treats Dry scalp issues.

Goat Milk Shampoo

Goat Milk is a great source of calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and potassium. It has high mineral absorption such as iron and copper and its usefulness to alleviate a number of hair related problems.

  • Rich in Anti-inflammatory Properties.
  • Goat milk shampoo leaves your hair silky and smooth.

Almond milk

Almond milk is almond-made plant milk with a creamy texture and nutty flavor. It has unique healing properties for hair. Almonds are rich in magnesium and hair growth nutrients.

  • Protect against Damages
  • Deeply nourishes

 Oats Milk

Oat Milk is good alternative for people who have allergies or intolerance. It’s naturally free of lactose, nuts, soy, and other properties. Additionally, oat milk contains the high form of fibre.

  • Repair the impurities in hair
  • Oat Milk is used to treat for the extremely damaged, over processed hair. 


After Use: You can't stop looking at the mirror. You start to love yourself more, and trust in you tends to get uplifted for sure. 

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