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Vcare Shampoo Hair Color

We all love to color our hair and keep looking on point, but were you aware of the chemical in your hair color? Well, we are here to let you know. Hair colors/dyes contain lots of chemicals, in which some can be very damaging to your hair and scalp. Few of those and commonly used chemicals are PPD and Ammonia.



What Is PPD

Paraphenylenediamine Also Known As PPD In Commonly Found In Permanent Dark Colored Hair Colors/ Hair Dyes. It Is Added In Hair Colors As It Gives Longer Lasting Results. It Is Also Commonly Found In Dark Colored Makeup, Inks, And Also Temporary Tattoos.


What Are The Side Effects Of PPD

Even Though PPD Comes With The Benefits Of Coloring Hair, It Has Lots Of Down Sides To It. PPD Can Cause Lots Of Skin Issues. The Skin Problems Caused By PPD Are From Mild Irritation In The Skin To More Severe Problems Like Eczema.


What Is Ammonia

Ammonia Otherwise Known As Alkali Is Used In Hair Dyes To Increase The PH Level Of Your Hair, So That Your Cuticles Can Open And The Hair Color Can Penetrate Into Your Hair. It Is Used In Almost All The Hair Dyes/ Hair Colors Available In The Market.


What Are The Side Effects Of Ammonia

Ammonia Causes Many Side Effects. When Ammonia Comes In Contact With The Skin It Causes Irritation In The Skin, Nose, And Throat. Regular Use Of Hair Dyes With Ammonia Can Cause Your Hair Cuticles To Open Up And Let Out All The Moisture In Your Hair, Resulting In Very Frizzy, Dry And Brittle Hair. There Are Also Chances That Ammonia Can Penetrate Through Your Scalp And Enter Your Blood Stream And Cause Severe Side Effects.


Why You Should Choose Vcare Shampoo Hair Color

Vcare Shampoo Hair Color Triple Plus Is A Recent Innovation Which Is The Safest Way Of Coloring Your Hair In Just 5 Minutes. Peptides & Oleanolic Derivative Controls Hair Fall And Promote Hair Growth. A Non-Drip Formula Infused With Hydrolysed Keratin And Silk Protein Giving You The Richness Of Natural-Looking Color With Glossy Shine In Just 5 Minutes.



  • World`s Safest Hair Color
  • No PPD, Ammonia, Paraben, And Silicone
  • Enriched With Growth Factors & Anti-Oxidants
  • Prevents Hair Fall


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