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The Hair Growth Retardant Gel moderates the regrowth of unwanted body hairs. It slows down the cell growth rate and inhibits hair growth. It is applied after hair removal, waxing or shaving and disinfects the skin, leaving fresh feeling.

Special Features

  • Weakens Hair Roots
  • Inhibits Hair Regrowth
  • Slow down further hair growth
  • Soothes the Skin After Hair Removal

    Weakens Hair Roots

    This retardant gel delays the new hair growth changes its texture and makes them weak until they simply stop fully producing hair.

    Hair growth Inhibitor

    Hair inhibitors help to prevent new hair growth, so you need to remove less hair and not frequently in future. This retardant gel applied to slow down further hair growth.

    Smooth Silky Skin

    Helps to clean and soothes skin, removing any leftover foam. The Hair Growth Retardant Gel is applied after hair removal to moisturize and cleanse the skin, leaving fresh feeling.



    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Provides long-lasting results
    • Removes any leftover wax, shave or hair removal irritation
    • Applied after waxing or other hair removal procedures to clean and heal skin

    Direction Of Use

    Take required quantity of hair growth retardant gel and Massage into the skin after your depilation treatment. Daily use Hair Retardant gel results in longer-lasting smoothness after hair removal procedures and enhances aesthetics reducing hairiness.

    P.S. You need to use retardant gel on a regular basis to obtain effective results.

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