Want An Easy Fix For Your Hair Loss And Its Regrowth? Read This!

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Ladies & Gentlemen: Hair is a very significant component of the human body with excellent cosmetic and emotional value. It plays a very important role in generating an individual's look, character and personality.

A person can transform his or her entire look and personality with beautiful and healthy-looking hair. It will boost the huge level of confidence for them. But hair loss is the most common problem people face, whether men or women in today's world.

To safeguard hair and prevent it from damage and loss, a few facts about hair should be known.

A healthy person has more than 10,000 hairs on the head alone. Each hair strand passes through 3 stages. First is the growing stage, then the resting stage, and the last stage is the falling stage.

At first, the growing stage of hair continues to grow to a specific length. It stops growing after a while and stays as it is. This is the second stage, i.e. the rest phase. Lastly, it falls off after a while and makes a way for fresh hair. This is a natural and ongoing cycle of the human being.

Each development cycle lasts 2-6 years. Approximately 50 to 100 hairs fall off the scalp every day while they are being combed and washed, but the fresh hair takes its place and keeps the hair volume.

Hair is produced by protein. The hair volume, colour and length are genetically determined in each person.


Factors Influence hair loss

The main factors that influence hair growth and hair loss include age, health, diet, hormones, seasonal changes, and climate. Trauma, stress, and anxiety also influence growth because they decrease the scalp's blood and oxygen supply, which is crucial for good hair.

And, there are other factors that trigger hair loss like; Nutritional deficiency and health conditions such as iron deficiency anaemia and hypothyroidism are the most prevalent factors precipitating hair loss in particular. 


The 10 Best Things about Tips for Prevention of Hair Loss

Everyone intends to make his crowning glory completely healthy and lovely. Some helpful tips for people to prevent hair loss are listed below

  1. Wash hair with a mild and gentle shampoo frequently. Use a good hair conditioner after washing your hair, apply VCare Premium Hair tonik & hair growth Vitalizer
  2. Protect hair by wearing a cap from harsh sunlight.
  3. Wash hair every time you come out of the swimming pool. Water in the pool includes a large quantity of chlorine. Chlorine can make the hair hard and brittle and can make the hair easily break and fall down. To avoid this it is advisable to wash hair with a good shampoo each time you come out of the swimming pool.
  4. Be gentle with your hair. Always softly comb your hair with a good hairbrush. Hard hairbrush strokes can cause hair fall and split ends.
  5. Include nutritious stuff in your diet. As the hair consists of protein, the absence of protein in the diet will trigger hair loss. To prevent this add yoghurt, pulses, milk, soymilk, eggs and fish in the diet on a normal basis. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain levels of zinc and Vitamin B12 in your diet. Eat food items that are rich in iron content to avoid anaemia.
  6. Do regular and gentle massage in a circular motion on your scalp by using your fingertips. This regular massage on the head is used to increase the blood circulation in the scalp. It will enhance hair growth.
  7. Stress is known to play a major role in hair loss.
  8. Practice Yoga, Fitness and meditation to get rid of stress.
  9. Don’t colour your hair frequently. The colours may contain severe chemicals that harm not only the hair but also the scalp follicles from where the hair grows, leading to hair loss.
  10. Get sufficient sleep. Research has shown that the human body requires 8 hours of daily sleep to preserve excellent general health.





    Tips: Don't tear through your knots! This literally breaks your hair in half and will trigger unwanted brief parts and unevenness.







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