Why Is Shikakai A Go To Solution For All Hair Problems In India?

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Shikakai Has Been Used For Decades In India. It Is A High Source Of Vitamin A, C, D, E And K. Shikakai Has Been Used As A Hair Cleanser In Southern India For Decades. Its Vitamins And Anti-Oxidant Properties Promote Hair Growth, Control Hair Fall And Also Helps Keep Your Scalp Healthy. Shikakai Not Only Has Benefits For Hair, It Is Also Used To Wash Clothes, Heal Wounds, Controlling Blood Sugar Level And Also Oral Health.

Benefits Of Shikakai

  • Makes Your Hair Soft And Shiny
  • Heals Your Scalp And Prevents The Agony Of A Dry Scalp
  • Fight That Stubborn Dandruff
  • Boosts Hair Growth
  • Delays Greying Of Hair

Why You Should Choose Natural Shampoo Over Chemical Shampoo

Chemical Shampoos May Be Pleasing To The Eyes As They Give Very Good Aroma And Lots Of Lather, But There Is Always A Down Side. The More The Lather The More The Damage. Sulphur Can Damage Your Scalp And Cause Hair Loss Or Breakage. Chemicals Make Your Hair Feel Dull And Dry Within Few Days Of Wash, Whereas A Natural Shampoo Will Nourish Your Scalp And Provide Nourishment From Within. Natural Shampoos Also Provide A More Permanent And Effective Solution To Very Common Hair Problems Like Hair Fall And Dandruff.

Why Choose VCare Shikakai Shampoo?

Vcare Shikakai Shampoo Has The Goodness Of Real Shikakai. It Is An Ideal Solution For Daily Cleansing And Conditioning Of Your Hair. Shikakai Has Been Used As A Natural Hair Care Ingredients For Centuries As It Fights Dandruff And Acts As A Cleanser. The Product Is Also Enriched With Natural Ingredients Like Amla, Hibiscus, Aloe Vera And Neem. Amla Helps In Strengthening Your Hair Follicles, Hibiscus Rich In Vitamin C And Amino Acids Nourishes Your Hair Follicles And Strengthen Hair Roots, Aloe Vera Contains Proteolytic Enzymes Which Repair Dead Skin Cells On The Scalp. Neem Is Known For Its Antimicrobial Properties And An Excellent Way To Curb Dandruff. It Also Acts As A Great Conditioner And Leaves Your Hair Smooth And Shiny.

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