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VCare Ocean Mineral Peel Off Mask Powder - 250gms


VCare Ocean Mineral peel off mask powder is a gentle and natural exfoliator that sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing smooth and fresh skin. The mineral contents soften the skin, adding a healthy glow.VCare Whitening peel off mask powder, its whitening activity allows to light up the complexion while boosting the elasting and collagen synthesis. The skin becomes wonderfully smooth. It participates in the cells renewal process. it safety and visibly fades dark spots and hyper pigmentation without irritation by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase.

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  • Ingredients: The peel off mask powder contains many ingredients that make your skin glow brightly. Some of them are ocean minerals as their key ingredient. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that cleanses the skin, removes acne and makes the skin refreshed. This peel off mask lights up the complexion while boosting the elastin and collagen synthesis.
    •    Gives smooth and radiant skin: This peel off mask powder has smoothening and brightening properties. It cleanses the skin and makes it glow brightly. The peel off mask powder contains ocean minerals which clears the dust from the pores and tightens the pores on the skin to prevent skin breakouts. It enhances the skin texture and makes it radiant and smooth.
    •    Removes Skin Impurities and Dark spots: This peel off mask  powder has anti-inflammatory properties which cleanse the skin by removing impurities from the skin. This reduces the dark spots, acne marks and pimples from the skin.
    •    Fights aging and rejuvenates skin: If your skin looks older than you actually are then you need to apply this facial kit. This product helps fight aging leaving you skin look younger. It rejuvenates dying skin cells and makes you skin look healthier and radiant.
    •    Calms redness and hydrates the skin: This peel off mask powder is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants that acts on the redness of the skin and calms it. It also fights irritation and nourishes the skin. It gets deep within the skin and provides necessary the hydration.


Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium carbonate, Sodium pyrophosphate, Sea Salt, Color and Perfume.

Manufacturer Name : Vcare Pharcos B-11 & 12, PIPDIC Electronic Park,Thirubhuvanai, Puducherry 605107,India

Country of Origin : India

Marketed By & Contact details : Prince Info Park, Tower B,1st Floor,No. 81B, 2nd Main Road, AmbatturIndustrial Estate, Chennai – 600 058,India


STEP 1: Take 3 spoons of Facial mask powder in a  glass bowl, add water or rose water and make it into a smooth paste. 

STEP 2: Apply on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

STEP 3: Peel off the dried mask and apply moisturizer for better results

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