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Anti Lice & Nits Shampoo For Kids - 90 ml | Pack Of 2

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Special Features :

Keep your hair care free from lice and nits using VCare anti-lice oil and shampoo. This formula has tea tree oil, neem, and coconut to help soothe the scalp, nourish hair, kill lice, making it the best hair oil for hair growth. Both products are gentle on the hair and scalp and do not cause any dryness. With regular use of this hair oil and hair growth shampoo you can help get rid of lice infestations and promote healthy hair growth.

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  • Effective against lice: The combination of natural ingredients in the anti-lice and nits shampoo, such as Tea Tree Oil and Neem, can effectively kill them and clear the scalp.

  •  Hair Thickening: The blend of herbal hair oils  in the anti-lice formula helps to nourish hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and healthy-looking.

  • Prevents re-infestation: The natural ingredients in the anti-lice and nits shampoo, such as Neem oil, can help to prevent re-infestation by repelling lice.

  • Improves Hair health: The combination of Herbal hair oils and tulsi extracts  helps to improve hair health, providing dandruff treatment and other hair issues.

Lice and nits are a common Hair care problem that demands expert attention. A regular hair oil, shampoo and conditioner is not enough to deal with it. VCare Anti lice and its shampoo is  curated with Neem and other ingredients to provide a proper best hair care solution. Your hair care routine needs to be altered to deal with them. This ayurvedic Hair oil contains neem, tea tree and Tulsi extracts that suffocates and kills lice and nits. It is better than regular coconut oil for hair and promotes overall scalp wellness. Buy this herbal hair oil and natural hair care shampoo today

Anti lice oil : 

Coconut oil for hair : Moisturizes and soothes the scalp

Neem oil: Provides dandruff treatment and removes lice and nits.

Tea tree oil: Soothes itchy scalp and promotes best hair growth.

Geranium oil: Balances oil production on the scalp and helps you attain smooth hair

Holy Basil oil: Helps to nourish the scalp and imoproves blood circulation.

Anti lice shampoo : 

Geranium oil: Provides hair fall treatment 

Tea tree oil: Acts as an antiseptic

Lavender oil: Promotes hair growth, and prevents hair loss

Neem extract: Best solution for dandruff


1.Apply the Anti Lice oil to your hair and cover your hair with Cap or some cloth.

 2.Leave it for 30 minutes.

 3.Comb your hair. 

4.Most of the Lice and Nits will fall down. 

5.After completing the Oil procedure, cleanse your hair with Anti Lice Shampoo. 

6.Dry your hair.

 7.Comb again and the remaining lice and nits will also go off.


Manufacturer Name : Vcare Pharcos B-11 & 12, PIPDIC Electronic Park,Thirubhuvanai, Puducherry 605107,India

Country of Origin : India

Marketed By & Contact details : Prince Info Park, Tower B,1st Floor,No. 81B, 2nd Main Road, AmbatturIndustrial Estate, Chennai – 600 058,India

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