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Goat Milk Soap and Cucumber Cream Combo-300gm

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Special Features :

Indulge in the luxury of our Goat Milk Soap and Cucumber Cream Combo, a dynamic duo that will transform your skincare routine. Our Goat Milk Soap is packed with vitamins, minerals, and lactic acid to nourish and hydrate your skin. It improves skin texture, reduces fine lines, and even provides relief from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants in this soap effectively exfoliate your skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion. 

Paired with this, our Cucumber Cream is a soothing and hydrating facial cream enriched with natural cucumber extracts. Its lightweight formula penetrates deep into your skin, providing instant hydration and replenishing the natural glow of the skin. This powerful combination works together to give your skin a flawless, even tone.

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Deep Hydration: Our Goat Milk Soap and Cucumber Cream provide intense hydration, ensuring your skin remains supple and moisturized throughout the day.

Skin Rejuvenation: Experience a more youthful appearance as the combo helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, giving your skin a revitalized look.

Natural Ingredients: With ingredients like goat milk, cucumber extracts, and nourishing oils, our combo is free from harsh chemicals, making it suitable for all skin types.

Gentle Exfoliation: The Goat Milk Soap's alpha hydroxy acids effectively remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing.

Even Skin Tone: Say goodbye to sunspots and uneven skin tone as our Cucumber Cream works to provide a smooth and uniform complexion.

Made from pure goat milk, VCare Goat Milk Soap provide intense hydration. This bar soap is long-lasting and produces a rich lather that cleanses your skin while removing dirt, oil, and impurities. This soap bars are crafted with care using only natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. The soap base used in the bathing soap is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for daily use for both men and women.

  • Goat Milk: Rich in vitamins and lactic acid, it nourishes and hydrates, giving you a glowing complexion

  • Cucumber Extracts: Soothing and refreshing, it reduces suntan and hyperpigmentation, providing an even skin tone.

  • Argan: Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, making it an excellent moisturizer. It helps to lock in moisture, preventing dryness and maintaining the skin's natural hydration.

  • Wheat Germ oil: Its natural emollients and fatty acids help improve skin's elasticity and reduce dryness. It's particularly beneficial for those with dry or dehydrated skin

  • Olive: Rich in antioxidants, it helps protect the skin from environmental stressors and promotes collagen production, reducing the signs of aging

  • Jojoba Oils: Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, combating dryness and aging.


1.Apply on the wet skin to make a gentle lather and rinse.

2.Use regularly for better results.


STEP 1: Take a small amount of the gel and apply it to the face and nose completely.
STEP 2: Gently massage in a circular motion 

STEP 3:  leave it in for a few minutes.

Manufacturer Name : Vcare Pharcos B-11 & 12, PIPDIC Electronic Park,Thirubhuvanai, Puducherry 605107,India

Country of Origin : India

Marketed By & Contact details : Prince Info Park, Tower B,1st Floor,No. 81B, 2nd Main Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai – 600 058,India

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coupen Shop For ₹999 Above and Get FLAT 5% off on your bill.

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coupen Shop For ₹999 Above and Get FLAT 5% off on your bill.