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Hair Care Duo With Goat Milk Shampoo And Head & Body Shampoo For All Hair Types

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Special Features :

Elevate your hair and skin care with our Goat Milk Shampoo & Neem Shampoo duo. Experience the nourishing benefits of goat milk for luxurious locks while Neem provides natural scalp health. Refresh and revitalize from head to toe with this holistic hair and body care solution.

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GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE CLEANSING AND NOURISHMENT: Immerse yourself in the ultimate head-to-toe care with our Silver Ion and Neem Extracts Head and Body Shampoo. This unisex product is thoughtfully crafted to offer a deep cleanse while simultaneously nourishing your hair and skin.

HARNESSING SILVER ION TECHNOLOGY: Our exclusive formula skillfully taps into the power of silver ions, working diligently to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and fungi on both your scalp and body. With each use, revel in a refreshing and hygienic cleanse, ensuring a revitalized and invigorating experience.

NEEM EXTRACTS FOR ENHANCED SKIN AND HAIR HEALTH: Enriched with neem extracts, this shampoo takes a holistic approach to promote optimal skin and hair health. Neem's soothing properties are well-known, making it an ideal choice for skin or scalp concerns.

LUXURIOUSLY SOFT AND EASY TO STYLE: The moisturising property of Goat milk makes your hair bouncy and shiny. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless locks as our shampoo works its magic, leaving your hair soft, manageable, and radiantly shiny.

PROTECTS YOUR HAIR FROM SUN DAMAGE: Apart from nourishing your hair, our goat milk shampoo also protects it from sun damage. It creates a protective layer on your hair and helps harmful UV rays from damaging it.

SOFT AND MANAGEABLE HAIR: VCare Goat Milk shampoo helps to retain moisture in your hair strands. This combats dryness, ensuring your hair remains soft, manageable, and thoroughly hydrated.

Transform your hair and skin care routine with our dynamic duo: Goat Milk Shampoo & Neem Shampoo. Indulge in the luxurious nourishment of goat milk, leaving your locks feeling soft, smooth, and deeply moisturized. Harnessing the power of Neem, our shampoo also promotes scalp health, combating dryness and maintaining a balanced, refreshed feel. With this holistic approach, experience a revitalizing journey from head to toe, embracing the natural goodness for both your hair and skin. Elevate your self-care ritual with this enriching blend for a rejuvenated and radiant appearance

Benefits of Neem for Skin and Hair:

Neem provides antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, aiding in acne control.

Neem is effective in preventing dandruff and promoting overall hair health.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Skin and Hair:

Colloidal silver supports overall skin health with its antimicrobial properties.

It can help maintain a healthy scalp and prevent certain scalp issues.

STEP 1: Wet your hair and body thoroughly.

STEP 2: Apply the neem and silver shampoo, focusing on the scalp for the head and skin for the body.

STEP 3: Massage gently to ensure even distribution.

STEP 4: Rinse your hair and body with warm water until the shampoo is completely washed away.

STEP 5: Towel dry your hair and body.

Manufacturer Name : Vcare Pharcos B-11 & 12, PIPDIC Electronic Park,Thirubhuvanai, Puducherry 605107,India

Country of Origin : India

Marketed By & Contact details : Prince Info Park, Tower B,1st Floor,No. 81B, 2nd Main Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai – 600 058,India

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Cost is very low and results is very good

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coupen Shop For ₹999 Above and Get FLAT 5% off on your bill.

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coupen Shop For ₹999 Above and Get FLAT 5% off on your bill.