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28 Dec, 2022. Wed

A Step-By-Step Guide to Remove Dark Spots on the Face

Spotless radiant skin is everybody's dream. However, dark spots on the face may be worrisome. Though they are not medical emergencies, they attract our attention and can make a person self-conscious. This blog is a must-read if you want to remove dark spots on your face and body. Before we get into the details, let's brush up on some basics. Tonik 01.jpg

16 Dec, 2022. Fri

Hair Growth Serum | VCare Premium Hair Tonik

Worried about hair loss?? Well, you are not alone. In today's world, hair loss has become a common problem for both men and women. As a result, the market is flooded with hair care products that confuse people.

That's why VCare - one of the best hair care brands in India, has come up with a unique product that can prevent hair loss and promote fuller, thicker, and shiny locks of hair.

/storage/files/133/How to Pick Your Best Moisturizer For Oily and Dry Skin.jpg

04 Nov, 2022. Fri

How to Pick Your Best Moisturizer For Oily and Dry Skin ?

Most of us use moisturizer for our face everyday! But have you ever wondered what these moisturizer creams are? And Why is it so important?  Well, this is something worth discussing in detail. Now, Let's start from the basics.

/storage/files/133/Skin Problem Blog/Top 5 common skin problems-04.png

25 Sep, 2022. Sun

Top 5 Common Skin Problems


It is mandatory to have a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a good night's sleep to maintain overall skin health. These common skin problems can be treated and prevented by making appropriate lifestyle changes and using high-quality VCare products.


21 Oct, 2021. Thu

SHIKAKAI – The Panacea for Hair

Washing your hair with Shikakai has a nourishing effect on your hair and makes it lustrous and soft.


21 Oct, 2021. Thu

Licorice - The skin lightening herb

This humble herb is widely used throughout the world as medicine and food products


21 Oct, 2021. Thu

Korean red ginseng - The elixir for your hair

One of the best breakthroughs for hair loss treatment is using Korean red ginseng

/storage/files/1/Post/Songyi Mushroom.jpg

21 Oct, 2021. Thu

Songyi Mushroom - The magic mushroom from Japan.

Compared to other harmful chemical-based exfoliating agents songyi mushroom extracts are much safer

/storage/files/1/Post/Shapoo hair color.jpg

15 Oct, 2021. Fri

Dangers of PPD

Are you a person who is a regular user of hair dyes? Or a fashionista who wants to color your looks in different shades

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