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Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Skin Care Routine for Your Skin in 2024

Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Skin Care Routine for Your Skin in 2024

  • By Admin admin post Feb 12, 2024
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Start From Knowing Your Skin Type 

Yes, these are the basics, if you know your skin type then choosing the proper products will not be an issue. Here is a complete outline of the same

Skin Type
Explanation of the Skin Type
Best tips to follow
Dry Skin
Dry skin tends to lack sufficient moisture, making it essential to use products that provide intense hydration and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss.
To hydrate and seal in moisture, opt for creams rich in occlusives, humectants, and emollients. Choose products with key ingredients include Glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Consider applying thicker balms or creams.
Oily Skin
Oily skin produces excess sebum, leading to a shiny complexion and potential pore congestion. Products should be lightweight and designed to control oil without clogging pores.
Choose non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizers to prevent pore blockage. Look for components such as clay, salicylic acid, or niacinamide. Lightweight gels or fluids are ideal for this skin type
Combination Skin
Combination skin features both dry and oily areas, necessitating a skincare routine that addresses both concerns. Products should provide hydration without exacerbating oiliness.
For combination skin, select mattifying and hydrating creams. Ingredients like zinc oxide, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid can help balance oil production. Gel-creams are a practical choice.
Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is prone to irritation and redness. Products for this skin type should be free of potential allergens and contain calming ingredients to minimize the risk of adverse reactions.
Opt for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free creams with soothing ingredients like chamomile, oatmeal, or aloe vera. Choose gentle formulas and avoid harsh chemicals.

Did you know the use of facial creams and skin care routines dates back thousands of years?

Ancient Egyptians used a mixture of beeswax, olive oil, and honey to keep their skin hydrated and protected from the sun. In ancient Greece, Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and honey, both of which have moisturizing properties. 

The first commercially available facial cream was created in the early 1800s by a British chemist named Eugene Rimmel. It was a simple ointment made from lanolin and rosewater. The 20th century saw the development of more sophisticated creams with targeted ingredients for specific skin concerns like dryness, wrinkles, and acne

9-Step Ideal Skin Care Routine

As clinically suggested, an ideal and consistent skin care routine has 9 major steps: 

1. Cleanse - Usually suggested to do it twice per day morning and night

2. Tone - Use a proper toner twice a day both morning and night

3. Exfoliate - Use of proper scrub once or twice a week

4. Mask - Generally it is recommended to use a proper facial sheet mask once or twice a week

5. Treat - This step includes using proper serums to treat your skin and pamper it.

6. Moisturize - This is a mandatory step and you can use it twice a day both morning and night

7. Eye care - Eye care requires specifications of products that reduce dark circles. It is recommended to use twice a day, both morning and night

8. Protect - 100% necessary to be done everyday. Use a proper sunscreen to block UV rays

9. Body care- Recommended daily or as required.

Suggestion:  Always choose  the best products to achieve your skincare goals. If you have acne and oily skin then regular skin care routines might not work. You can check out our range of skin friendly facial kits that can help you in your daily skin care routine.

The above mentioned skin care routine takes at least 40 minutes everyday. Yes, if you are someone looking for a much more simplified version of skin care then this 3 step, one product process is the best option.

3 Steps, One Product Skin Care Routine

Kaolin: Absorbs excess oil and impurities from the skin, making it beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. It can also help improve the skin's texture.

Walnut Shell Powder: Best physical exfoliant, removes dead skin cells and promotes smoother skin texture.

Kojic Acid:  Helps brighten and lighten the skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Glycolic Acid: A type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugarcane. Provides chemical exfoliation, promoting cell turnover and revealing fresher, more radiant skin.

Songyi Mushroom Extract: Contributes to skin-lightening effects and provides antioxidants that support overall skin health.

Triclosan: An antimicrobial agent that provides antimicrobial properties, helping to prevent bacterial growth on the skin.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil: Hydrogenated castor oil  helps to soften and hydrate the skin.

How to Use It?

Step 1: Wet your face with water and apply 3 in1 Insta facial cream.  Leave it for 5 minutes.

Step 2:  Wet with water gently, and massage in an upward circular motion to ensure an effective exfoliation.

Step 3: Add more water and cleanse your face well. 

If required, use more products for effective exfoliation and cleansing.

Crafting the perfect skincare routine in 2024 is all about understanding your skin's unique needs. VCare provides tailor-made skin care products that are clinically tested and dermatologically safe. Click here to try 3-in-1 Insta Facial cream.


The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Skin Care Routine has laid out the basics, making it easier for you to navigate the world of skincare products and routines. Whether you're looking to address specific issues or simply want to establish a daily self-care routine, this guide has you covered. Consistency is key, and by following these simple steps, you'll be on your way to achieving healthy and radiant skin. VCare is here to embrace your best skin all around the year. 

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