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Dangers of PPD

Dangers of PPD

  • By Admin admin post Oct 16, 2021
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Have healthy hair to color it in the first place

Are you a person who is a regular user of hair dyes? Or a fashionista who wants to color your looks in different shades.

Then this article is definitely for you.

Paraphenylenediamine - it may sound like a tongue twister but this unpronounceable ingredient is widely present in most of the hair colors that you use.

As far as it is hard to pronounce, it is twice as Harsh on your hair! Yes This article is completely about the dangers of PPD

What is a PPD?

 PPD is a chemical substance that is widely used in hair dyes and permanent hair colors. This harmful chemical is graciously used in most dark shades.

 Why ? because it provides long-lasting hair color and as a bonus, it looks very natural. The PPD based hair dyes are widely used in salons and at-home color and it is a crucial ingredient in the hair dye.

 What does PPD do?

 Most of the permanent hair coloring contains PPD which is the optimal way to provide lasting hair color and a successful way to cover grey hairs. It is typically used in darker shades.

 When you Permanently color your hair, ammonia present in the hair dyes helps in the splitting of the outer hair layer and the oxidative precursor PPD enters the hair fiber and directly reacts with oxidizing coupling agents in the supervision of an oxidant. All of this reaction is happening inside the hair fiber and the false-color pigment which remains in the hair providing permanent color. It is simply hard to move out these colors from the hair shaft as it is deep-rooted. When compared to other hair dyes they last much longer.

 Harmful effects of PPD!

 Despite the PPD helps in the permanent coloring of the hair it has a great reputation for various negative impacts. It results in skin irritation and severe allergic contact dermatitis. In simple words, it causes irritation and swelling mostly in the upper eyelids, back of the ears, and also in the hands. Eventually, this may calm down after the oxidation process, but  seriously it is uncomfortable.

 In severe cases, it results in notable swelling and redness in the scalp and face. It may also result in rare severe cases resulting in anaphylaxis (this is a life-threatening reaction that may cost your life).

 Not just the users but also the person constantly working with PPD based dyes like the hair colorist or the beautician have a higher chance of developing dermatitis on the hands. This may spread up to your upper arms and  the chest area. You should use a pair of gloves while coloring your hair.  These are some of the dangers of PPD  in the hair products.

 It is always recommended to conduct an allergy test before using the products containing PPD. Buy the product in advance and conduct the test 48 hours before you color your hair. Go through the instructions provided on the back.

Did you know that PPD is also used in temporary tattoos and dark color cosmetics they are also used in printing inks and textile dyes?

How to find out PPD in hair products?

 Just turn back your product and go through the contents used section and check for PPD or the Paraphenylenediamine. Most hair colorants should only have 1 to 2 percent of PPD. They are provided with specific label warnings and clear usage instructions. If you find this ingredient on the list you know what to do?.


 The best solution for this issue is to stop using hair dyes containing PPD. Your health is the priority. You have to have healthy hair to color it in the first place. Apart from PPD make sure that your hair colour doesn't process in Ammonia and paraben which are equally destructive to your hair fibres.

VCare shampoo hair colour should be the apt choice as it is free from Ammonia, PPD, and paraben. You can go through the content list as suggested before. This allows the product to be ideal for regular use.

 VCare shampoo hair color is QSER. That means it is Quick , Safe, Effective and Reasonable.

 People are loving it's after Shine and the soft texture it leaves on your hair. You just need 5 minutes to color your hair. Cut the sachet take generous amount of shampoo and gently massage on your wet hair and scalp and wash it with water, just like that.



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